The Wayland Saga

Wayland's Swords also known as "The Seven Swords of the Legendary Blacksmith" are the seven powerful swords forged by the Legendary master Blacksmith Wayland. His seven swords series is extremely unique because its collection consist of three demon swords, three holy swords, and a single magic sword Albion. Currently six of the swords are said to be lost, believing to have been permanently destroyed during the Great War but it is revealed that currently Aksel, a descendant of Wayland, is in possession of one of these famous swords and it is his dream to find the other six blades.

Due to Wayland's inability to pick a side between Heaven or the Underworld he made a series of swords that contained an even number of both holy and demonic swords. All six swords were then put in the hand of powerful warriors who each played a part in the Great War. When asked to create another sword, he didn't want to ruin the equilibrium of his swords so he created a magical sword named Albion, named after the old name of Britain. Accidently, this sword turned out to be the most powerful of the swords left.

It was believed that Wayland died and went to purgatory without having any children until Ichiro Alastor and Yukina accidently come in contact with his current heir, a boy by the name of Aksel who possesses one of the seven swords and confirms that the other six swords are still around.

A bad-ass heavy metal dude.