Sonic Rendezvous

All our labels are partnering with Sonic for distribution. Further on this page we will explain how the distribution works.

Sonic represents selected European and American labels for independent distribution. Ranging from Alternative Pop and Garage to Punk and Electronic music to World music and American Roots music. Their clients include major chain stores and online retailers (Amazon,, etc). But they are also well-respected among smaller specialist outlets, mail order companies and individual B2C customers, who can order through

Besides distribution and worldwide import and export, they offer logistical services. Currently shipping and order processing -in various degrees- for Central Distribution and Xango, Rush Hour and Remain in Light (Film) This enables them to ship to retailers more frequently, because they can combine the orders from various companies since they are all getting shipped from their warehouse. For top-priority distribution titles they also share sales reps for the chains.

How does this work for bands and artists

The moment we release your new or existing title(s) we will send the details to Sonic. This need to be done in time in order to get your release in the release list so shops can pre-order. Sonic will order for each title an amount to be stored in their warehouse. The wholeseller price we determine together. After the sales has be done we receive a statement by Sonic and can invoice the sold items to them. After receiving payment from Sonic we will pay the artist.

Can I bring in old titles?

Yes you can. There are some conditions. Of course it is more difficult to get the titles to the attention of the buyers. We only can bring in old work when they are free of distribution rights.

Is our album in the shop?

That depends on which shop is buying/ordering. Your title will be in the ordering database so every recordshop will be able to order your album for the customer. The complete Sonic catalog will also be available through Bertus distribution. Your album will be available throug all channels. 

What about online?

Sonic will make sure that physical copies will be available for example on Amazon and