Key Features EPK

Never send the wrong information and keep everythin updated in one easy to use tool. 
You can choose which section to display or not.


Create a good biography that grabs the attention of your readers. We can supply you with pointers.

Band and crew

Put in your band and crew members with pictures and their band positions


Put in your discography with record label, release year and media

Official press images

Provide official press images to make sure the right branding kept maintained.

Official logo's

Provide versions of your official logo to use in the press and for posters /media to maintain the right branding

Spotify samples

Provide a sample playlist with spotify songs. This offers a quick listen to bookers and promoters.

YouTube videos

Show your music video's and if you have them some live footage. Always important to give a complete impression

Upcoming gigs

Show a list of your upcoming gigs or link Bands In Town into your EPK


If you have some great reviews you can put them into this section.


You can provide mp3 files for download. This section you can lock behind a password or pin code

External drive

You can store all your promotional materials on for example a Google drive. This can be password or pin protected as well


The maintenance module is accesible through Muzika-P. When joining us you will receive a free license