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Are you offering free services as well?

No we don't. We think that good services are only be possible when our team has time for you. And because we need an income (this is not our hobby) we charge a very modest fee. So basically it is for free. Many services, personal contact and advise and much more.  

Are you willing to work on provision base

Nope, we don't. Of course there are services where we take a percentage but for our basic services you will pay the regular fees.

Is Wayland Management also a booking agency?

No we are not! However we can help you to get your name to festivals and venues but we are no active bookers in that sense. When you receive a request from a festival or a venue we will handle the negotiations and contract work for you. Everyone wants to play wherever and whenever they can. For us it is not possible to put every band forward to festivals and venues. If you are a big name, no worries. If not it is very hard to get in through a booking agency. 

Venues and festivals will check if you bring in people. If you are an interesting addition to the line-up. To get there we can help. For example helping to find a buy-in tour or notifying festivals we have contact with. 

To have an active booker you can do a lot yourself or go to a booking agency. But you will find out that with the smaller bookers you will be an artist on the roster and that's it. Bigger bookers will deal with bands that have a fee starting at a thousand euros a gig.

Will Wayland Management get us to the next level?

We hope to achieve that together. We hand you a set of tools to professionalize and services so you can concentrate on the creative process. However there is no standard road to success. It is still bloody hard work, investment, quality, craftmanship and a dose of luck. But with a good  partner you can give it a good shot.

We think your services are expensive           

First of all we understand that the monthly or yearly fee can sound a lot for a beginning or established band. But look at it like this. It's an investment in your future, in you as a band/artist. If you hire a mechanic for your car you pay at least € 35,00 euro an hour. If you have five band members and split ik likewise you pay 10,00 euro per person a month for a lot of services.  

If you think this is expensive and not willing to pay for services we offer than either you are not ready for a management or we are simply not the management for you. No problem at all. 

Will everybody be accepted?

If you are an artist/band with dreams, ambition and hard working we are more than happy to welcome you in our management and happy to represent you. Therefor we will plan a free intake to meet eachother (Skype or Zoom) and see if we are a match.

Management as well as a label will this be a conflict of interest?

Most bands are well off by signing to one of our labels. We are flexible and independent. But as management we are looking after your best interest. So when the opportunity is there to sign with a bigger label and the conditions are right, we will be more than happy to help you sign and transfer to that label. The bands interest comes first.

Facts & Questions Labels

Questions and answers about our labels

Are you paying for production of cd's or vinyl

No we don't. We can offer you very good prices for quality work. We do all the work like creating the DDP, placing the orders, do the paperwork and make sure the production will be top quality.

We give you a product worth thousands of euro's, can we get a payment in advance?

We get this question a lot. Many hours of studio costs, artwork and so on. This does not make the product worth thousands of euro's. You invested that amount of money. What it is worth will be visible in the end when the sales figures are in. In principle you give us your finnished product and expect us to finance the fysical production. If we're not 100% sure that all costs are covered we are not investing money. We do invest time and for that money in our efforts and contacts.

So if you need money for the physical production you always can try a bank or start a crowdfunding. We are not a bank and never pay in advance. If you are looking for a label that will financially invest please send your work to the major labels. 

Our value will be in handeling the release, writing press statements, producing cd's and vinyl, streaming your product everywhere and arrange the distribution and promotion within our possibilities.

Are you providing physical distribution?

Yes we do! We distribute through Sonic Rendezvous. Sonic is a Dutch company. All our titles will be distributed by them and will also be available through Bertus distribution and other connected distributors. Our labels do have also direct contacts with parties all over the Netherlands, USA, South America and Japan.

Will my ablums be in all record stores?

No they won't. The process is as follows. Sonic (our distributor) will announce the release to all their partners and shops. So if a show is interested in stocking your album they will order from Sonic. Your cd will be available in the order databases. Sonic will also sell your album through bol.com and Amazon. 

Do you provide streaming services?

Yes we do. All our bands and artists can stream their new work and back catalog without additional charges. However theses works must be free to transfer.

Are you taking a percentage of the streaming?

Yes we do. Publishing and administration to all streaming services do cost time.

What is the difference between your streaming services and for example CD Baby?

Basically we do the same. However at streaming services like CD Baby you pay per title. Changes like uploading a new sound file results in taking down the whole release and do it all over plus extra costs. Because we delvier directly to 50+ platforms we can change and redeliver without addidtional costs.

Can we see the streaming statistics?

Yes, we provide monthly statistics. However keep in mind that some statistics can have a delay of a couple of month