The small print

All artists are welcome as long as they confirm to our policies. We do not accept artists who promote discrimination on the base of  race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, sex, religion and so on. Music can't be copyrighted by others. Also covers without permission or without stating the original writer and composer is not allowed. We can remove titles from our streaming services without prior warning. Artist need to deliver artwork (or MMS can create it for you for a small fee), wav files, titles and artist. MMS will take care of EAN and ISRC codes for publishing.

Problems with right organisations will result in an immidiate take down of the title. Fines and other costs will be transfered or recovered from the customer. 

To stream your album is completely free. Funds received will be paid to the artist when the balance is more than €100,00 and after deducting a fee of 15% for the label.

Facts & Questions

Check it out! Here you will find the most commonly asked questions

Is this service really free?

You can stream as many tracks as you like on 50+ streaming platforms. You don't need to pay for this service like some providers do. However we need to earn a living as well. So we charge 15% of the revenue of the streaming. 

I don't have an EAN or ISRC codes

Don't worry, the first EAN code, if needed you get from us. Every next EAN code we charge € 5,00. ISRC codes are free.

Can we change typo's or wrongly delivered tracks?

Yes, you can. Because the platform we use we can change information of your release even after it has been published. We can even resend tracks. Some other providers make you take down the release and pay again to upload it again. If there are many changes we will contact you and a additional fee of € 15,00 may apply.

What is the difference between Mad Music Streaming and for example CD baby or Tunecore?

We are a record label. So when you stream your music we will take your titles into our marketing channels for free. Socials but also mailing lists and so on. 

Besides of that we will handle all the registration and upload hassle. You fill in an upload form and send the files to us and we will do the rest.

Are you excepting anyone?

We do not accept artists who promote discrimination on the base of  race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, sex, religion and so on. In the case of this content we can take down the release without prior warning. Other than that we are welcomming you, wharever style, if you are starting and want to release your first single or an experienced artist and everyone in between you are welcome.

When do I get paid?

When your account exceeds € 50,00 we will pay out this amount minus 15% commission. Payment dates are on the first of everey month.

Do I get an overview of my streaming?

Yes, at the end of every month you will receive an overview of your streaming and the amount in your account.

I know people are streaming my music but I don't see any views on my statements

Some of the providers like Spotify send their statistics after 2-3 month. Some providers even take longer.