Management for you

Thanks for reading the more detailed information. 

Wayland Management was founded by Koen Bakker and Harm Kindt. After being the management for the Dutch metal band Martyr for a few years, we decided to continue with a brand new concept. Together with some enthousiasts from the business we started to work out a full service plan for bands and artists in every genre.

Everything has come to a standstill during the pandemic, but it has been a time for us to make a fresh start, add new services and learn from the past.

We are not only an administration office

A management is much more than an administration office for the handling of contracts and day-to-day worries. Good management is a sparring partner who can also hold up a mirror and identify areas that can be improved.

Some bands think they are good enough for the big festivals, and their quality is sometimes better than some of the big names playing there. But there is so much more to it. Contacts, record labels, marketing, presentation and a dose of luck and bloody hard work.

Reality check

Together with you/the band we look at where you are now and what your goal/dream is. What is realistic. It is very important to go through a checklist together to see what is possible. For example, the availability of band members in connection with work, travel, vacation days, available funds, etc.

This will lead to a realistic goal where you as an artist/band have to be honest with yourself. Together we can determine a number of steps with which we can achieve this objective.

Dreams and reality are often far apart but it gives peace of mind if you have a realistic perspective. Gone are the days when good music sold itself. There is so much on offer. There are so many bands and artists. And the new media, home recording and the easy way to release music makes it even harder to stand out.

What can we do about it?

There are a number of issues that we can address right away. We do a scan of your social media and website and advise whether there are areas for improvement. In addition, we build a professional Electronic Press Kit via our platform Muzika-P so that you have a single link with which you and us can approach the press and bookers.

Do you already signed to a record label? Then we will contact them to see if they want to work together in promotion and what their goal is. If not, you can join one of our labels as a band or we will look for another label. The artist/band is completely free to do so.

So, together with the goals we have we will make a timeline. Nothing is set in stone because you never know what will happen but we work together to reach the set goals.


Communication is key. We will have meetings on set times by video conference or phone and have a Whatsapp group to keep communication going. 

Hard work

What you put in is what you get out. This is a golden rule. Sitting back is not getting you anywhere. Looking for opportunities, gettng press contacts, arranging interviews, booking all can be done by the band or artist next to all the work the management will do.