Our Plan

We don't believe in all kinds of different plans, we have only one. 
All our bands and artist will receive the same treatment, get the same services. 

For only € 49,95 a month*. 
Pay for a year in advance and save 2 month**

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*/** The small print

Our standard service will hold the following:
Band license for Muzika-P, 1 meeting a month, Handeling contracts for gigs, Invoicing and collect (if wanted), Label deal (own label), Tour support (not on location), Band/artist products in our web shop, Negotiations with external labels/parties, Administration, Help with maintaining social network, Legal aid (2 hours free) in case of conflicts with third parties.

If we need to customize the contract i.g. touring support (like a tour manager), building a website or more frequent meetings the fee can be ajusted or optional charges may apply. Always in agreement with the band/artist.

** When you pay a year in advance we invoice 10 month. So you save € 99,90.