PT78 - The Platinum Label

Pt78 is specialized in bands and artists in the metal, rock and pop scene. Together we make a release and marketing/media plan and do mailings, interviews and so on. When we release your album we can do it on all streaming platforms and take care of CD and/or vinyl production and distribution. Next to that we offer extensive management and access to our platform.

Martyr NL

Martyr are the Dutch metal legends. In 2022 there will be the new album and 40 years celebration. Martyr is touring all over the world like three time Japan. Martyr is known for their brilliant live performance.

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Inspired by legends. And a source of inspiration for generations to come. That's what we aim for: awesome tracks that get you hooked on heavy metal and make you want more. And more. And more.

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RVH Project

The RVH Project is a project of Rick van Heuzen. Their new album Enter the Machine has been released by Pt78 Records in April 2022. A versatile and strong rock album that will surprise you.

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Seven Steps of Denial

Born from the kerosene fumes and roaring sound of jet engines near the raging international airport of Holland another engine roars. 7SOD burst from the lost soils of the netherworld of tulips.

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Can I be part of Pt78 and not Wayland Management?

We prefer not. You won't benefit from our management services. So please check out the management section to see if you want the complete package. 

What if I have already signed to amother management?

If you already have a management than the label will be in contact with your management. We still can work together but probably under different conditions

Does Pt78 Records invest in the production of CD's and vinyl?

No we don't. However we can offer very compatative rates for the production. We do help with check on artwork, creating your DDP master and distribute your work.

Do you except any band?

No we don't. Our team will review all appications through the demo drop. If we think your band is not fitting our label or we decide the quality is not good enough or we don't have enough capacity we let you know. If your band (or you as an artist) ar more suitable for one of the other labels we let you know.

Do you arrange streaming of our music?

Yes we do. If you have a back catalog we can upload it as well for you. You get ISRC codes, EAN codes and all necessary to distribute you over 50+ DSP's. We do ask a percentage of the royalties.